Bibi Chew

Bibi Chew is a contemporary, alternative & conceptual artist who explores and turns ordinary materials/objects into something extra-ordinary. Born and based in Kuala Lumpur, she is moved by the growing issues of cultural identity in Malaysia. She takes on subject-matters like race, environment & gender in which she internalized into/through tangible objects. Refusing to employ the dramatics of direct opposition, Bibi’s art reflects on the ambivalence in the politics of difference.

Subtle and compellingly finished objects best characterized the work of Bibi.
Bibi commenced her art education with the Singapore LASALLE College of the Arts and later she obtained her BFA and MFA from RMIT University, Australia.
Bibi exhibits and participates in projects locally & internationally. She participated in the international artist-in-residence at 200 Gertrude Contemporary Art Space in Melbourne, Australia (1997) and was the recipient of Young Contemporary Major Award by NVAG Malaysia (2000). She also participated in the 3rd Fukuoka Asian Art Triennial in Japan (2005). Her recent involvements include the Asian Artist Residency Project in Bandung (2015) & Fukuoka (2016).

Eddie Choo Wen Yi

Eddie Choo Wen Yi graduated from Dasein Academy of Arts in Fine Arts in Kuala Lumpur with a diploma on a full scholarship on 2007. In 2010, she involved in the Pudu Community Art Project, a community-based art outreach project the history and cultural identity of the old Pudu neighborhood in Kuala Lumpur.
In 2013, she participated in the Artist-in-Residence project with the Lostgens Contemporary Art Space (Kuala Lumpur) in which she presented her first solo exhibition. Eddie is currently doing her BA program in Fine Arts in the Taipei National University of Arts in Taiwan.

In 2015, she received an award “Outstanding Art Prize of School of Fine Arts” by her university where she exhibited her artworks at the Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts (Taipei) in a group exhibition themed “This Is Not A Poisoned Apple”.
Eddie’s main field focus is in the relationship between the body and the things surrounding our lives. She assumes that every object has a memory on its own behind our daily routine.

Khoo Boon Wan

Khoo Boon Wan has a keen eye for small intriguing details in everyday life. He transforms the lines and silhouettes of mountains and rivers, old trees and stones into creative inspirations and elements. Using things that we often ignore like driftwood, decayed timber and industrial junk, he creatively and masterly turns them into works of art that combine form and function―some of which include a swing, a reclining chair which can also be a goat, a whale―ingeniously combining art and amusement.

A proponent of Chinese Philosopher Zhuangzi’s philosophy, he brings forth the synthesis of design concept and the natural world, using form to overcome the limit of language. He imparts amazing imagination and open interpretation to his artworks, giving aesthetic enjoyment and a vast imaginative space to the beholders.

Lim Soo Ngee

Lim Soo Ngee was born in 1962 in Singapore. His approach to sculpture is deeply personal and with a conviction to re-engage and synthesize traditional hand skills with contemporary life experiences. His recent figure sculptures are known for their minimalistic expression of melancholy and solitude. His works focus on the relationship between the modern urban environment and the spiritual alienation of its inhabitants, and often lend themselves to whimsical, humorous and poetic narratives that offer a perspective on the human condition. He now lives and works in Singapore.

Ng Kim Peow (Kim Ng)

Born in Kluang, Johor, and currently holds the position as Head of Fine Arts Department at Dasein Academy of Art, Kuala Lumpur. Kim Ng obtains his professional art training from University of Westminster and London Metropolitan University, both in London, UK. His art making spreads across multi-disciplinary direction, and appears to be in both two and three dimensional.

His work reflects his attentiveness in observing human conducts, capturing the traces of consequence that left behind by human behaviors in a conceptual interpretation. Kim Ng is very active in local art scene, and has been working with numbers of local art gallery for both solo and group exhibitions. His mixed media work has collected by numbers of cooperatives and individual collectors, both in local and international.

Sun Kang Jye & Matt Gan Sian Wei

Sun and Matt were both born in 1978 in Malacca, Malaysia. In 2000, they graduated with Diploma in Fine Arts from Kuala Lumpur College of Art (KLCA). They are now based in Kuala Lumpur.

They involved in the “Moon Walk Pudu Art Festival” community Art project as visual installation artists back in year 2010. Although Sun has a Major in Oil Painting, his real interest lies in the 3-dimensional art. His upbringing in the Kampung (countryside) where wood is a precious material enables him to have a deep appreciation of the material which later inspired him in his art practice in wood sculpturing.

Sun also received the Malaysian Emerging Artist Award (MEA), Visual Art Award (VAA) and an Honorable Mention at the Philip Morris Malaysia-Asian Competition.
Matt is currently working as a typesetting designer and making her way up as a female oil painting artist.

Statement (Poetry )
Gently ride, gently swing
Without panic, without fear
Calm in mind, harmony in heart
Sense of balance follows every ride
Let amity comes forth with every swing.


Tan Ru Yi

Tan was born in 1973 in Kuala Lumpur.
She first worked as a visualizer in an advertising firm in Singapore after graduated from The One Academy of Communication Design, Malaysia. She then went to Japan to study sculpture and media art at the Nagoya Zokei Graduate School of Art & Design.

Working in numerous media, including collage, readymade sculpture installation, photography and film, she has embraced experimentation throughout a distinctive and explorative artistic career.

Some of her most iconic works involved in experimental collages that fixed colorful images against plain plywood backdrops. These works demonstrated her passion for color as a concept in relating all living creatures, history, culture, space and climate. Using this ethic, she describes her work palette as following the theme of “Color is filling up space”.

Her work has been exhibited at SENSUS – Luoghi per l’ArteContemporanea, Italy, at ‘AICHI TRIENNALE 2010’, Aichi Arts Center, Nagoya and CAS, Osaka and beyond.
She now lives and works in Japan.

Tan Vooi Yam

Tan Vooi Yam comes from the 3rd generation of a pottery family in Ipoh, Malaysia. Hence he grew up surrounded by kilns, potteries and ceramics. After completing his studies, he joined and entered his family business.
However soon after he realized his passion for ceramic was not limited solely to pots making. He further expanded his vision by enrolling himself in the Kuala Lumpur College of Arts in 1989 and graduated in 1992 with Minor in Ceramic Design.
He is currently a designer, founder of studio Tao Jie Fang pottery in 2010, and conducts the building of the first mini wood fire kiln in Ipoh.
Vooi Yam is one of Malaysia’s most accomplished artists with the expertise in producing ceramic installation.

Tey Beng Tze

I’m deeply fascinated by art’s intriguing power to grab hold the deepest recesses of the soul, and so, I insist to paint a little every day, if only to capture the conflicts and contradictions that comes with it.

Sometimes, painting reflects the emotions I feel when facing the world. Other times, it’s the feeling of absurdity, or perhaps, even a fear of self-existence. But at all times, painting documents my life with utmost honesty.

The Architectural Association of University Teknologi Malaysia

The Architectural Association of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (Persatuan Senibina Universiti Teknologi Malaysia) or more commonly known as Architech, is the official association for students of architecture in UTM. It was formed in the 70s as one of the earliest students associations to be registered under Office of Students Affair in UTM. It resides within the Department of Architecture
under the Faculty of Built Environment.

Yim Yen Sum

Yim Yen Sum graduated from Dasein Academy of Art in 2008 with a Diploma in Fine Arts. Since she has been exhibiting her works in various exhibition such as Young Malaysian Artist-New Objec(tion) at Gallery Petronas; 18&8 KUL-SIN at ION Art Singapore; The Good Malaysian Women at BlackBox@Publika; Contemporary Art by Dasein Graduates at HOM Art Trans.

She also participated at the New Art Wave Expo (Macau), Approaching the Age-Art Beat (Taipei), Art Mart International Group Exhibition (Khajuraho, India) and Chungnam Residence Cooperation Project in Korea. Yen Sum’s first solo exhibition, Way of Seeing, was held at Pier-2 Art Center, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

In 2016 she received top prize in the United Overseas Bank Malaysia “Painting of the Year 2016” competition and she is also one of the winners in Young Gun Award by HOM Art Trans. Yen Sum also won the Jury Award for the Young Contemporary Award competition in 2014 and finalist in Macau New Art Wave International Art Competition in 2015.